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Monk Rowe and The Five Families Ensemble

The Five Families Ensemble, directed by Monk Rowe, stretches the boundaries of the traditional chamber ensemble by combining sounds from each of the four instrument groups (brass, woodwinds, percussion and strings) with a fifth contribution from the human voice. Their repertoire is arranged specifically for the group and ranges from Beethoven to Brubeck to the Blues, as well as original compositions. The Five Families Ensemble appeals to audiences of all ages by combining stellar musicianship with an engaging and welcoming attitude.


Scott Rutledge Liz Simchik Monk Rowe Kristen Kopf and Tom McGrath



Jeff Ingersoll
Steel, VOX, Guitar

Jeremy Petrie
Guitar, VOX

Liz "Fiddle" Simchik
Violin. VOX, guitar

Saddle up, music lovers, and get ready to ride into the heart of American music with the electrifying sounds of Fish Creek Rodeo! This dynamic trio, comprising guitar, fiddle, and pedal steel, is here to captivate your souls with their haunting harmonies and sizzling instrumental performances. 🌟 Fish Creek Rodeo has a deep-rooted passion for authentic American music that shines through every note they play. With their unique blend of traditional country and modern flair, they transport audiences to a time when country music was raw, honest, and full of raw emotion. The twang of the guitar, the mournful cry of the fiddle, and the unmistakable wails of the pedal steel combine to create a sonic landscape that echoes the wide-open plains and endless skies. Their music takes you on a journey through dusty trails, lost love, and tales of hard-fought battles in life and love. 🌄❤️ But it's not just the instrumentation that sets Fish Creek Rodeo apart; it's their vocal harmonies that will send shivers down your spine. Their voices intertwine like ribbons in the wind, weaving stories that touch your heart and leave you yearning for more. It's a magical experience that transports you to a realm where the boundaries of time and space dissolve. 🌌 Whether you're two-stepping on the dance floor or simply soaking in the atmosphere, Fish Creek Rodeo's music is a journey you won't soon forget. They bring energy and enthusiasm to every performance, ensuring that every listener becomes an active participant in their music odyssey. 🤠💃 From bar rooms to festivals, Fish Creek Rodeo has been roping in audiences with their authentic sound and infectious stage presence. Their dedication to the craft of American music is evident in every strum, every bow stroke, and every soul-stirring lyric. They're a force to be reckoned with, leaving their mark on the local music scene with each electrifying performance. So, saddle up, folks, and join Fish Creek Rodeo on an unforgettable musical ride through the heart and soul of American music. It's a journey that will make you dance, sing, and feel the spirit of American music coursing through your veins. Get ready for an experience like no other, because Fish Creek Rodeo is here to lasso your heart and take you on a wild, musical adventure! 🎵

Opus Black 

is a dynamic violin, viola, cello string trio. Reimagines the boundaries of classical music with their innovative arrangements of alternative rock, jazz and pop hits. Their captivating performances blend virtuosity with modern flair, creating a unique and unforgettable musical experience.


Liz "Fiddle" Simchik - Violin

Allyson Sass Sklar - Viola

Kristen B. Kopf - Cello

Liz Fiddle solo 



Solo Violin 

Violin with backing tracks 


Lipstick and Whiskey

lipstick and whiskey.jpg

SAMMY award winning front woman

Jes Sheldon joins forces with multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Liz Simchik for an all-star showcase of harmonies, kazoo, comedy and fun. Soul sisters and long time friends, these two have a rocking fun freewheelin' spirit that will be sure to leave you wanting more.

Features female vocals. Ukulele. Guitar pickin'. Kazousaphone. and  more. 

Ingersoll & Simchik


Thoughfully crafted acoustic music heavily rooted in folk, bluegrass, and Americana. They play songs with beautiful lyrics and great stories.

Expect to hear tight vocal harmonies, and virtuosic fiddle and guitar explorations.

Mark Hoffman's Swing This! 

This lineup captures the

essence of the swing era, 

bringing to life the timeless

tunes of the American

Songbook with authenticity

and charm.

Led by the legendary,

award winning 

singer, songwriter and guitarist,

Syracuse native:

Mark Hoffman. 


"Swing is a rhythm

and movement;

it is the power of a

group of people

brought together

by the same feeling."

Jo Ann Bakeman Jon Heard Mark Hoffman Bob Purdy and Liz "Fiddle" Simchik

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