Liz Simchik started out as just a kid from VVS that was into music. Traveling all over the country to watch concerts, music was definitely a passion that turned into a career.


The one constant in all of the years of education was that there was a lack of resources in the central NY area for kids and adult string players that sought out more than just classical music. 


Growing up in Durhamville, lucky enough to have a string program at VVS I had a lot of great opportunities to perform. Including All county, school concerts, and all state festivals.  My curiousity for bluegrass, and rock led me searching out of the school because all of my immediate music teachers would have nothing to do with that. 

Improvising with friends that had a blues open mic, jamming with strangers, making friends at Phish shows and playing in the parking lots, these all contributed to my decision to attend Onondaga Community College. I got very serious and studied classical violin. I was on track to go to Berklee College in Boston... but I could not afford to. 

This changed my path again. I would meet many mentors and teachers that have  guided me to where I am today. A versatile musician that is a student of the world. 

I'm able to share my music through performance and I own and operate a teaching studio. Will soon have opened a new Venue/Rentable space/art gallery in State Bridge NY.  Thanks for all of your support! xo

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