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May 8th 2021

With the nice weather seems to come more performance opportunity. Very excited to be looking at a concert schedule. Lesson schedule resumes Tues-Thurs through the month of May. 

The Fish Creek Rodeo:

We are rounding the corner with the album, hopeful production/recording to be completed by June.

Renovations continue here at The State Bridge Collective. Gallery floor/ceiling, 2 entrance porches. Landscaping. Grand opening will be in the Fall. But look out for a few pop up events late Summer. 

Opus Black Strings:

Had our first outing yesterday in over a year. Kristen played cello, Allyson played viola, and I played violin. We performed for a lovely wedding at Wolf Oak Acres. 


Next up for the trio is

6/4 : Rome Arts Community Center 

Erie Canal Cleanup:

Liz has been organizing brush and trash pickups, and is looking for landscapers, and arborists to donate their time for some upcoming cleanups. 

The goal is to beautify, and expose the old abandoned Erie Canal from Durhamville to New London. 

Get involved!

Erie Canal Cleanup on Facebook

Upcoming Dates:

6/6 Trash pickup





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